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Monday, April 24, 2017

Walking by Faith, I am Blessed Every Hour

You know what's hard about improvement and overcoming struggles? Once you reach the top of the hill you've been working hard to climb you can see the next obstacle you need to overcome and even more ways you now need to improve. It will never end, but that's the beauty of Heavenly Father's plan for us right? Our existence is an eternal progression, there will always be more to learn and ways to better ourselves.

This week was full of learning, and it started off with exchanges. I was with the amazing Sister Gruver who took me out on OSU my first night here. I actually had a feeling we were going to be companions when I first got here, so we kept joking that I was kind of right since we got to be companions for a day. The biggest lessons I learned that day were about following the spirit. I realized that I follow the spirit and receive promptings more often than I think, but I think too much and don't recognize where it's coming from. The greatest piece of advice she gave me was to not even worry about where it's coming from and to just say whatever comes into my head, because if it is a good thought and I'm trying to fulfill my purpose then I can trust it is from the spirit. That is something I have been trying to implement this week and it is hard to keep myself from thinking too much, but it is a whole lot easier when I am able to let go and not worry about saying the "wrong thing." Funny story, at the end of our day we met a man who was super nice, shook our hands and had  a pretty great conversation with him. Sister Gruver tried to set up an appointment, but he said not any time soon because he has pink eye and wouldn't want us to get it. When he said that I just froze, and guess what I was doing....rubbing my eye. I usually feel so much love for the people we talk to, but I had to repent because those were not the feelings I had for him after that and all I could thing was why in the world would he shake our hands if he knows he has pink eye. My miracle of the week though was that I didn't get it! Sanitizer and prayers work.
Sister Gruver and I
This whole week has been full of experiences where the Lord has led us to the people he has been preparing. It seems like every day we put people in our plans and either they aren't home or don't want to talk to us, but we run into someone amazing and there is no doubt in my mind that God had us go to that area specifically for them.
  There was a woman the other morning who was in a hurry, but as soon as we started talking about Jesus Christ she broke down and really opened up to us about all the struggles she is going through and how relying on the Lord is the only thing getting her through. It was truly humbling because in that moment that I was able to testify of the peace that Jesus Christ and His restored gospel can bring her I had an overwhelming feeling of what it truly meant to be called as a representative of Christ. 
  The other night we met a man on the street who had talked with missionaries for years whenever some would stop by, but he had never really been taught much. He is absolutely amazing, and told us how him and his wife just recently talked about finding another church to go to. I think my favorite thing about our conversation is that he really understands prophets. Most people just move on after we say God called another prophet, which is so hard because I want to help them understand how incredible that is. But we had no problem with it this time because he gets how profound that is, and basically set up his own return appointment and invited himself to church.
  That same night we had a goal to have one more new investigator, but it was 8:45 and time for us to bike home. I think it is so amazing how the Lord blesses us when our faith is completely stretched. As we were about to leave that particular neighborhood we stopped and talked to this man in his driveway. We talked a lot about his faith and how it has blessed him and shared some of our message. He invited us back and I am so excited to teach his cute little family. 
  This is a crazy one. Last night we met a woman cleaning her car with her little daughter. It turns out she was raised in the church, but stopped going as a teenager. She now practices another religion, but really wants her daughter to learn so she can make a decision for herself someday. Her daughter asked her about going to church the other day and has been wanting to know about Jesus. After those recent events we show up and have this conversation, in the middle of it she tells her daughter that we would come and teach her more about Jesus. Yes we will!

The Lord works in mysterious ways and I know that if we look around we can see the miracles happening all around us. As we walk with faith and have trust that the Lord will direct our path, we will often be blessed to be an instrument by which those miracles happen.
"The Lord is my light; the Lord is my strength.
I know in his might I’ll conquer at length.
My weakness in mercy he covers with pow’r,
And, walking by faith, I am blest ev’ry hour."

I love you all! Just keep smiling!