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Monday, May 8, 2017

"I'm so glad I don't missionary alone!"

We got a new car! It always amazes me how much they trust 18 and 19 year old kids, but they sent us on our way with a brand new Chevy Malibu. I probably will never drive such a new car again in my life. And the best part is we no longer have to share!

  Heavenly Father is absolutely amazing. He gives us strength where we lack, He accomplishes the impossible, His plan for all of His children is perfect.

  He gives me strength where I lack: I have been working hard to keep President's commitment to me of being equal with my companion at opening my mouth, and let me tell you, it is so hard. I can't believe how much I get in His way. When I just let go it is amazing what the Lord does through me, and our teaching is so powerful. But sometimes I still let my own fears keep Him from working those miracles with me, even though I have seen them before. I have seen what can be done when I just open my mouth and say the words the spirit gives me, our challenge now is to make those amazing powerful moments more consistent. I know with the Lord's strength I will be able to keep my commitments.

  He can accomplish the impossible: We are His hands and as long as we keep working hard and doing all that is asked of us, His work can be done and miraces will come about. We set goals everyday, and as long as we keep pushing to the very end and have the faith that the Lord will provide, we always meet them. There have been countless times this has happened, like the other night where we found a new investigator in the last 15 minutes of our day. She was very closed off at first but we were literally able to see the spirit work on her and open her heart. Last night was especially amazing. Half an hour before we had to go home we knocked on the door of a woman who used to meet with the missionaries, we talked for a while and she really wanted to start meeting with us again. Before I really got what was happening, Sister Speakman extended the invitation to be baptized and the woman accepted! I am learning everyday that a lot of times what the Lord has planned or is asking us to do, does not make logical sense, but we have to just run with it and have the faith that He has a better way than us.

  He has created a perfect plan for all of His children: The highlight of my week was this Friday night when we were able to accompany our recent convert Keith to the temple for the first time! Our Father's plan for us is perfect, He has given us everything we need in this life to return back to Him. One of those necessary things to return back to Him is baptism by His authority. The temple is a very special and sacred place where baptism, and other saving ordinances, are performed  in behalf of those who did not have the opportunity to receive them during their time in this life. Again, our Father's plan is perfect, no one is left out. Keith had the amazing opportunity to be baptized for his own brother, and it brought tears to my eyes knowing that he is giving his brother the same opportunity that has brought him so much joy.

Keith at the Temple!
  Quote of the week, "I'm so glad I don't missionary alone!" -Sister Speakman. I'm so glad I don't have to missionary alone either. I'm so glad I don't do life alone! I have an amazing family, some fantastic friends, and wonderful companions to help me face it all. Most importantly though I know that no matter what any of us are facing, we always have the support of our Savior Jesus Christ. Something I have been thinking a lot about lately is how amazing it is that we can have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Often when we talk to people about their personal relationship they will indirectly answer our questions or talk about something totally unrelated, and I am starting to realize that many people don't know they can or don't know how to have a personal relationship with their Savior. I am so grateful for this knowledge. I know I am just at the beginning of my life and the start of my journey of coming to know my Savior, but I am more grateful everyday that I can know Him and that He knows me.

 I love you all, just keep smiling!